Today I did something crazy.

Okay, well it wasn't crazy crazy, but it was out of my normal.

I test drove a car - but not just any car, the car that has been on my vision board for months and in my head for a couple of years as my dream car.

Now, while I believe in the law of attraction, I know that in order to attract or manifest anything, you have to take actionable steps to move towards your goal. Essentially what I'm saying is, why would I manifest a car if I don't know for sure I like it?

The effort and the energy you put towards manifesting something is far more powerful and fruitful when you 100% believe you can achieve it. So for me I had to test drive the car to know if I liked it, otherwise I'd be trying to manifest something I was unsure of and when there's doubt, the results aren't as good.

But not only do I now know that I love the car, I also know how much it costs to buy and to run. Knowing the figures makes it that much more real in my mind, as now I know whether I can afford it or whether I should work a bit harder.

It was more than just test driving a car, it was getting rid of doubts and solidifying a belief I had in my mind. Now when I'm working on my business I have more purpose, more reason to succeed, more of a driving force behind me (no pun intended!)

So when it comes to your goals, your vision board, your dreams - what's one thing you can do today to make them more real in your mind?

If there's a car - book a test drive

If there's a new house - book a viewing

If there's a laptop or a smartphone or a new bed or a sofa or whatever - go to the store and test it out. Test out the features. See how it feels to hold it in your hand or how comfortable it is to sit on/lie on etc.

Make your goals as real and as tangible as you can and they'll be far easier to achieve.

What's one thing you can do today to get one step closer to your goals?