You’ve heard two different things lately about Facebook Groups:

1 – You have to have a Facebook group, it’s the best way to make thousands of $$!

2 – Facebook groups are dying, all the biggest people are closing their groups!


How can it be both?!

How can you NEED a Facebook group when the people who have tens of thousands of people in their groups are closing them down?

Here’s the thing – the people with tens of thousands of people in their Facebook Groups are in a totally different place in their business to you -> You either don’t have a group right now or you’ve set it up, but you don’t actually know what to do with it now and have less than a handful of people in it.

Facebook groups are still one of the best ways to grow your reputation, build relationships and a space that doubles as a great place for you to pitch to an audience that is interested in what you have to offer, that know, like and trust you.

The top reasons people are closing their Facebook groups down are:

1 – There are just too many people! (Great problem to have right?) Essentially there are so many people in the group that they just can’t keep up. It’s not cost or time effective to manage it and, because of FB algorithms, not everyone sees the admin’s posts straight away and the group is losing the personal touch it started with due to its size.

2 – Most (or at least a huge percentage) of people are already on their email list and that is still the most effective way to reach every person in your audience.


3 – They set up a group thinking that people would flock to it and it would very quickly grow (and grow their bank balance,) but they didn’t put any real time or effort into it and now have decided that it’s not for them.

But these aren’t the problems you have right now!

Your group isn’t so big that you can’t manage it and you don’t have most of those people on your list either. You’re also prepared to put in the time and effort, because you know that any kind of success in life takes consistent time and effort on your part.

Which means that right now a Facebook group isn’t a waste of time for you. Setting up and growing a group is a great way to position yourself as an authority in your niche, build relationships, learn so much about your ideal client that you can easily create services and offers that they actually need, plus have an engaged audience to sell to.

You want to create an audience full of your ideal client that loves what you do, buys what you put out and recommends you to everyone they know who needs what you have to offer.

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Having an engaged and growing Facebook group not only helps you to nurture relationships with potential clients, but it also acts as a place to help you passively convert those potential clients to paying ones. Not to mention having an engaged audience means you always have an audience to launch to - no more crickets!

The course only takes a couple of hours to complete, so you can start getting results today; think where you and your group could be this time next week.

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