Why are you afraid to post online? I’ll be honest and say that I genuinely don’t understand what’s so difficult about posting in Facebook groups. I talk to so many women that tell me they’re afraid to post on social media.


What is so scary about writing something and pressing the post button?

Why can’t you tell people what you do, why you do it and how you help people change their lives?

Are you afraid that people won’t like what you have to say or won’t find value in it?

And you know what?

A lot of people won't find value in whatever you have to say, but they aren't your ideal client and aren't going to work with you anyway. You're posting online so that the people who DO value what you have to say can see it and so that you can help THEM. How many times do you see posts in groups that don't interest you whatsoever? Do you start blocking that person or leaving nasty comments on their posts? No!

So remember that everyone does the same thing - they ignore the posts that aren’t relevant to them and they engage with the ones that are just for them. So talk to your ideal client every time you post, talk about the things that they’re struggling with and tell them what the solution is and how you can help them.

If you want to be successful online then not using social media just isn’t going to work for you. Right now social media is what works and you need to be using it to get in front of your ideal clients and, ultimately, make money.

Not posting online because you’re afraid is you literally stopping money from going into your bank account. Think about that for a minute; how much does posting scare you and how much does failure scare you?

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