I was listening to P!nk’s new song earlier and this line really jumped out at me:

“I don’t want control, I want to let go.”

How many times have you felt like that?

I’d be the first person to admit that I’m a control freak, but what I crave more than anything is to be able to LET GO.

At the risk of sounding like Elsa, sometimes it just feels so good to let it all go and to just go with the flow, to not feel the need to control everything. But the need to control everything comes from a less than perfect upbringing and the fact that if I was in control when I could be, it made me feel a little bit less powerless at those times I was at the mercy of someone else.

And then I think about my husband. I think of all the times we’ve done something crazy and unexpected and had an awesome time as a result. Those times when I can let go and not be in control are amazing, but they take trust. I have to trust that my husband won’t let anything or anyone hurt me as a result. I have to trust that whatever happens, I’ll be okay with it or I’ll be able to fix it.

For a long time that was the biggest reason I couldn’t create the success I wanted in my business – I couldn’t trust myself.

I couldn’t trust that I could create those results for myself. I couldn’t trust that everything would work out okay. I couldn’t trust that I wouldn’t inadvertently make everything worse for me and my husband and our daughter. Why?

Because I can’t control other people’s responses to me. I can’t make people sign up to my courses or my 1:1 coaching or my email list or Facebook group and it took a long time to be okay with that.

It took a long time to be okay with the fact that I am only ever in control of myself and my actions, when it comes to life and business!

When I realised that, it felt like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders.

I only needed to be responsible for me and my actions. The energy I’d been wasting trying to essentially control other people, suddenly I had it all back to use for myself. I didn’t need to worry about the outcome of things anymore, I only needed to make sure I did everything I wanted/needed to do at any given time and then I could let it go.

I don’t need to worry about the outcome if I’ve done all the actions.

I don’t need to worry about signing clients if I’m actively working in and on my business (and actively promoting myself.)

When you trust yourself and you essentially stay in your own lane, everything will work out in the end.

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