My coach told me something a little while ago that was honestly such a game changer for me. When it comes to writing content, sales pages, whatever it might be – you don’t need to be profound.

To me this was like what?!

You mean I don’t have to try and think of something clever and witty and full of value and completely life changing all at the same time? I can just write things as they are and it will still resonate with people?

And honestly, it’s so true. Sometimes trying to be profound and witty and whatever else just changes your message that little bit too much, then suddenly you’re getting crickets instead of comments and clients.

It’s like with my Facebook group course, I was trying to tell people how the course was so awesome (it is) and how having a Facebook group that actively helps you to get clients is life changing because of x and y and z and a and b and every other letter in the alphabet and how all of that would change their life! When what I really needed to talk about was the here and now, like how having a Facebook group would help them get clients without spending money on advertising.

The people looking for my course weren’t looking for how I could help them change their lives, (because having a successful and profitable business IS life changing,) but they were just looking for a way to get new clients. I didn’t need to talk about the big stuff, I just needed to talk about how what I was offering could help them get clients and take those next steps towards their big picture.

It's so freeing to feel like I don’t have to spend hours trying to write something amazing, that I can write something and show it as what it is and still connect with people. So, when was the last time you gave yourself permission to not be profound in your message?