Today I'm feeling so grateful for technology. My grandmother turned 85 today and she still lives in our hometown 128 miles away from where we live now, (which is really far in the UK!)

I usually go and visit on her birthday with my daughter, but now that Jasmine has started school, I can't go during the week to see my grandmother anymore. We don't think she's going to have many birthdays left, so I was feeling bad about not going to see her.

But thanks to WhatsApp I sent her a video of my daughter singing happy birthday to her this morning before school and then when my uncle went to visit her this afternoon, we video called so we could see each other.

Is it the same as being there in person?

No, but it's definitely the next best thing.

20 years ago that wouldn't have been possible. Even 10 years ago the technology wasn't as widely used or as available to so many people as it is now.

But now there's so much you can do online! Instead of only being able to see your family when you travel to them, you can pick up the phone and video call.

You don't have to miss important occasions or moments like baby's first steps - we recorded Jasmine's and shared the video with all our friends and family in a few minutes.

Instead of moving around to find work, you can start your own business from home online.

Instead of needing to commute to work every day, you can work from your laptop in the sunshine or curled up on the sofa.

These days I do a lot of work from my phone or from my laptop at home. Running an online business has helped me achieve my biggest goal of staying home with my daughter, while still being able to support our family. 

And today it's helped me do the school run and be 128 miles away at the same time.

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