If you’re anything like my mother you probably started your shopping last month (maybe even in July,) but if you’re anything like I was last year, what you’re also thinking right about now is ‘how?’

How are you going to buy the things you want to buy, so you can surprise the people you love with what they really want? How can you put all that food on the table?

How can you have a holiday season full of only happy memories, instead of the usual thoughts of “next year things will be better”?

There’s time to do it this year. There’s time to get results easily and quickly in your business and you can have fun doing it.

Passive income is a favourite topic of mine, I could talk about it for days! But one thing that always gets me is how hard the women I see online think it is.


You know that growing your email list means you’ll have a bigger audience when you put things out for sale but did you also know you can make money while you do it?


Add a tripwire to your thank you page once people have signed up for your opt in, even something for $10 will have a huge impact on your bank balance and I bet you already have something you can use. Depending on your business, I’ve got a handful of ideas for you.

One $10 tripwire sale a day could put an extra $1,000 in your bank account by December. What could you do with that money this year?

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