One question I get asked all the time is ‘how do I get started with affiliate marketing?’ especially with black Friday coming up and everyone being in the buying mood, it's a great time to start including affiliate marketing in your income streams.

It’s also one of the easiest and quickest ways to set up passive income in your business, so I would always recommend it.

One of the first affiliate sales I made was $8.70 for the course platform I use. I would recommend the platform anyway but in the My Account section of the website they have a ‘refer a friend’ link so I used it and I posted about it in my FB group.

Someone signed up for a free account and after a while they upgraded to a paid account and now every month they stay, I get $8.70.

It might not seem like much but that’s over $100 a year just from that one link in one post.

So if you want to start including affiliate marketing in your business, look at all the things you use right now whether that’s course platforms, your email provider, online calendar, other people’s courses you’ve taken (like B School, Denise Duffield Thomas’ Lucky Bees etc) and see what links you can find.

Once you have the links, write a blog post, a social media post or an email about it and tell people your experience of using it, what kind of results you got or what kind of impact it made in your business/life and then include the link for them to check it out themselves.

If you don’t know where to start with affiliate marketing, I’ve created the Affiliate Marketing Toolkit which will answer your questions about affiliate marketing like:
How do you find the programmes to sign up for?
How do you set up Amazon affiliates?
How do you promote the links once you have them?
How do you not come across as SPAMMY when you promote?
How do you stay on top of it all so you can create passive income quickly?
How do you actually make money from affiliate marketing? (And how much can you make?)

In less than 2 hours you'll know:
What you need to get started,
How to find affiliate programmes to join,
How to promote your links on social media, to your email list and on your blog,
The best ways to maximise your ROI.

Sign up now for instant access and Netflix style binge watch the content in just under 2 hours. You can have an affiliate marketing plan set up and ready to go in your business in a couple of hours.

Cass xoxo