Next week my husband is going to do something I find pointless but that he loves to do.

He'll be in a boat in the middle of the sea fishing with some guys from work. It's completely not my thing at all so I was glad to not be invited!

It got me thinking about business though. At some point someone thought it would be a viable business idea to buy a boat and charge people to go a couple of miles off the coast just to fish. Now you can fish pretty much anywhere there’s fish and water and it's not cheap at all to hire the boat for the day plus all the crew and the gear etc. There's no guarantee you'll catch anything at all and it could be one of the worst days of your life if you have sea sickness and don't know it yet!

But people still do it. People still pay hundreds of pounds to go deep sea fishing and they do it all around the world.


Because why not?

Because they want to.

Because they enjoy it.

And while I was out shopping earlier I went to the garden centre with my daughter and my mother in law. There was a small tree that was on sale for £15 (just under $20) and my MIL said she couldn't understand how people could pay that when they could grow it themselves, all it took was some time.

And that's the thing, yes everything has a price but it's up to you if you want to trade a little bit of money and a lot of time or a bit more money and a lot less time to get the same result.

Personally, I'll spend the money on the tree. I don't want to wait a few YEARS to grow a tree to that size! I want it now.

And most likely that's exactly what you do in your business. You help people do something that, yeah, they could learn to do from a YouTube video but you help them do it quicker.

You help them shorten the learning curve, avoid the pitfalls and you help to keep them accountable, not to mention all the support you provide -> you can't get any of that from a video on YouTube. So yeah, it costs a bit more but it's worth it to save TIME.

Time is something that we all feel like we don't have enough of at some point. That's one reason I love passive income so much; it allows you to make sales while you're doing other things so that you have the money to spend on the things that will save you time!

What was the last thing you spent money on instead of time?