I came across some advice about growing a Facebook group this week that I wanted to share with you.

You’ll probably notice that I’m sharing it because I think its terrible advice and please don’t do it!

Here it is:

“Make your first post an apology post, to your friends, saying sorry for adding them (you don't have time to ask for permission and will lose momentum if you take this route - although it's up to you) and inviting them to leave if they don't feel it's a good fit for them.

Then add relevant friends. Add all relevant friends to your group and tag them in the comments of the apology post, so they come straight to it and can make a decision about whether to stay, without feeling aggrieved about the instant add.”

Don’t make the first post in your group an apology. It sets the wrong tone completely and it’s not a great start to their experience of your group.

It’s like being dragged to a party, only to find out it’s actually a wake…

And I know I'm supposed to tell you that anyone can do it, that there is one fool proof way to create a Facebook group that grows to 1k+ members in a week and helps you have $10k launches every week. After all that would help me to sell my FB group course, From Crickets to Clients 🤔😂😉

But the truth is this:

Facebook groups don't work for everyone! They don't work for every kind of business, not even every kind of online business.

Not everyone can create an awesome group. Some people can't justify the time and effort. Some people aren't patient enough and some want it to be the magic fast track solution to success (it's not!)

But if you have the kind of business that could benefit and you're willing to put in the time and the effort (and the patience) then you can grow an amazing Facebook group that helps to grow your bank account.

3 tips for you to grow an awesome group if you're struggling right now:

1 - Personally invite people to your group who post content you love and that is relevant to the group. That means reaching out directly and asking, not adding them and hoping for the best. They're more likely to engage from the get go if you tell them you want them there. Plus that's more content for your group members that you don't have to create yourself.

2 - Don't use a posting app for your group as Facebook limits the reach of this content, as it's not posted natively in FB. So if you want an engaged group make sure to post your content or make use of the schedule function in groups because then more of your group will actually see your posts!

3 - Post different types of content to mix things up. Ask questions, give value, share your story, go live (audio or video) and by all means promote what you have to offer but don't let pitches be the only thing you post.