Passive income is awesome - You create something, set it up so that it’s all automated and then you can promote it every now and again and get sales.

Ok, so it’s a little bit more in depth than that but that is the gist of it.

Another great thing about passive income is that it’s a great first interaction for your clients. Having those lower priced products where they can get it right now and start seeing results straight away?


Having something small for $50 or under is the perfect first investment in you. Your client gets a taste of how you work over and above the free stuff you’ve been giving out. They get to know if they really do like working with you and you can help them get results without being hands on. And if they like what they get?

They’re more likely to invest with you again at a higher price point. So make sure the passive products you put out are 100%, they’re a big stepping stone to getting 1:1 clients for your higher priced programmes.

If you’re struggling with creating passive income in your business, then feel free to ask me any questions by commenting on this post.