The last two weeks have been a bit hectic for me — it was my birthday and my daughter’s 5th birthday, combined with it being school holidays still, my husband leaving one role and starting another with a week off working in the middle.... safe to say my routine has gone!

That routine I’ve spent the best part of 10 months perfecting to be the most productive I can be and it’s gone in a matter of days 🙈

It’s annoying and it does feel really weird but this is the reason I started my business, to be at home with my daughter! (The husband not so much 😂) And sometimes I do have to keep reminding myself of that, that THIS is what I wanted. All those times when I’m annoyed because I need to get something done and I can’t right then etc. I have to remind myself that this is my why.

The old saying ‘be careful what you wish for because you might just get it’ really is true when you work from home, but it’s all about mindset.

If you complain about getting what you wanted, why did you want it in the first place?

So I’ve decided instead to make a huge to do list, outsource to my VA what I can, then sit back and enjoy life.

Because this really is what I wanted all along.

And thankfully having a business that's mostly passive means that I can relax and go with the flow.

One of the best ways to make sales passively is to start with offering a freebie to get more sign ups on your email list and it looks a bit like this:

- They sign up to your freebie, then they go to a thank you page (you could put a tripwire here),

- Then they get an email with the freebie and over the next few days they get a series of emails from you,

- One of the last emails will contain a sales pitch and they either buy or they don’t,

- You send a follow up email or two reminding them of the sales pitch.

All of that is automated so all you need to do is drive traffic to the freebie sign up page.

But what do you offer for sale that’s automated?

If you don’t have anything automated (like a course) to offer right now but you still want to monetise your list sign ups, include affiliate links instead of one big sales pitch.

If you don’t know where to start with affiliate marketing, I’ve created the Affiliate Marketing Toolkit which will answer your questions about affiliate marketing like:

- How do you find the programs to sign up for?

- How do you set up Amazon affiliates?

- How do you promote the links once you have them?

- How do you not come across as SPAMMY when you promote?

- How do you stay on top of it all so you can create passive income quickly?

- How do you actually make money from affiliate marketing? (And how much can you make?)

In less than 2 hours you'll know:

- What you need to get started,

- How to find affiliate programs to join,

- How to promote your links on social media, to your email list and on your blog,

- The best ways to maximise your ROI.

Sign up now for instant access and Netflix style binge watch the content in just under 2 hours. You can have an affiliate marketing plan set up and ready to go in your business in a couple of hours.