When I get really stuck for ideas and inspiration, for content or even for my business in general, it’s usually because I’m too stressed out about it. It’s usually because I’m only looking at this one tiny part of my business and I’m ignoring the big picture.

 That’s the thing about your business, it’s not like a big corporate job, you don’t just do your part. Everything is connected together and you just can’t ignore the big picture.

 If you’re struggling to create content then take a step back and look at your business as a whole, who do you help, what do you help them with and why should they work with you? What’s your story and how is that relevant to them?

 There are so many things you could talk about, only you’re too caught up in writing this amazing piece of content that’s totally going to go viral. But that’s not what your ideal client wants! They want raw, they want to know that you’re a real person who gets them and who can solve their problem – like that time a tree fell on my car. I wrote a list of 14 reasons why I was grateful for what happened and, to date, it’s still my most engaged with piece of content.

 Why? (apart from the headline made me sound crazy.)

 Because it was real, because I was honest and because my audience could relate.

 So next time you’re stuck for what to say, just start talking and see what comes out!