Should you include affiliate marketing in your business? Here's 3 things to think about first.

 1. It's not a "free" way to make money. You still have to invest time into driving traffic to the links, although a lot of this can be automated but has to be set up first. And you still have to create content around why people would want to buy this product/service/course.

 2. If you choose to promote the "wrong" thing, you can end up sending potential clients to other people and missing out on sales of your own. BUT that's only if you promote competing rather than complimentary things.

 3. Don't promote things you haven't actually used yourself. You can easily create content that converts for products, services and courses you've personally used because you have your own results to talk about.

 But even after all that, affiliate marketing is still a great way to create passive income in your business in addition to your existing products and services.

 1. You don't have to create anything of your own to make more money in your business so is quick to set up.

 2. There's so many different things you can be an affiliate for that you can have offers for a much wider audience than your own offers cover (bigger audience = bigger potential for sales)

 3. You're not responsible for making the sale when it comes to affiliate marketing. Your job is to get people intrigued enough to click the link, but from there it's up to the sales page to make the sale, which isn't yours! Whoever you're an affiliate for is responsible for tweaking the copy, making sure they're using the right keywords etc. Basically they're responsible for the hardest part, not you!

 So, have you set up affiliate marketing in your business yet?