"Affiliate links are soooo 2010......."πŸ€”

Wait, what?

That's a comment I received from a blogger on one of my Instagram posts the other day and it got me thinking.

Is affiliate marketing done?

Has it reached its peak a long time ago?

Is there even any money to be made from it anymore?

Of course there is!

Affiliate Marketing used to have a bad rep because so many people promoted things for the sake of getting paid and not because they wanted to help people.

Which is something I would never do or teach my clients to do. If you're an affiliate for things you've personally used then it makes creating the copy to promote it so much easier because:

1 - you've got your own results to explain why the product/service/course is so awesome that you can't not recommend it to them


2 - you can answer their questions about the product/service/course so they can feel confident buying it

The great thing about affiliate marketing is that you don't have to create another product or deliver another service or course, but you still get paid every time you sell something.

So essentially you get money for creating great content and you already create great content, don't you? Might as well get paid for it!

But on the flip side, the bigger your audience, the more likely you are to make affiliate sales.

A great place to market your affiliate links is your email list, but you can't send Amazon affiliate links to your email list.

Another great place to put affiliate links is your blog, but what if you don't have one?

And another great place to put affiliate links is.........

Social media, especially your Facebook group.

Why your Facebook group?

Because you've created a group full of your ideal client. You know what their problems are, you know what will help them and if you don't?

You can ask them!

But if your group isn't very big, is very quiet or just isn't growing there's 3 things you can do to attract more ideal clients to you:

1 - make sure you have at least one post on your Facebook page about your Facebook group

2 - host some kind of challenge or event to boost engagement

3 - link to your group on other social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram

But they're not the only 3 things you can do to grow your group.

If you’re struggling to grow your group, I've created From Crickets to Clients - a 5 module course that will help you do exactly that. It's full of bitesize videos with PDF workbooks to help you grow your group and your bank account. Plus a bonus module with 50 questions you can ask to boost engagement straight away.