Do you ever feel like entrepreneurship is the best kept secret EVER?

I've been thinking about it a lot today as it was supposed to be the first day back in school for my daughter, only she was sick yesterday..... so another 48 hours at least at home!

But running my own business from home means I can have another 2 days off work with zero notice and not bat an eyelid.

And I'm so grateful for that. On and off all day I've been messaging a friend who has complained about:

  • Not having emptied her inbox, even by lunchtime,

  • Starting a new healthy eating regime (regime is not a happy word 😂) and it being so hard when everyone in the office brings in left over Christmas chocolates,

  • Hating being in the office after only a couple of hours.

And as much as I love my friends, they're not all cut out to be entrepreneurs.

I know this and so do they. We've had so many conversations about how they could monetise their passions but it's always the same thing:

Not enough time,

Not enough money,

Too tired at the end of the day,

How would they pay the bills?

What if it didn't work?

The back office side of business is too complicated.

We've all been there.

We've all had those questions but we kept going anyway because we wanted more.

We wanted to work from home, on our own schedule, make our own money and live life the way we wanted to.

What's the thing you love most about your business?