If you want to create online courses, you need to know this first:

 Online courses are one of the best ways to make passive, or leveraged, income in your business. You can drive traffic to them in so many different ways that they can add a lot of 000's to your bank account each month.


 Hands down the best way to make more course sales passively is......

 Your own affiliate program.

 Having other people (happy students are the best!) tell their audience about your course and all about the results you helped them get in their business, that's the quickest way to more sales.


 Because someone they know, like and trust is telling them that your course works! If they want to be like this person, they're going to want to take your course so they can get the same results!

 So, if you can start having affiliates from the very beginning, you've got so many more chances to make sales.

 But setting up your own affiliate programme is expensive, right? Especially on top of paying for a course platform too!



 Setting up your own affiliate programme is easy:

 If you're on WordPress you can use something like AffiliateWP.

 You can use something like Kajabi ($199 a month for affiliates too) or Teachable ($99 a month for an affiliate programme and 0 transaction fees)

 Personally I use Coursecraft. It's $59 a month for unlimited courses and students, sales/landing pages are included, 0% transaction fees and a built in affiliate programme that manages paying your affiliates for you too!

 It's what I used to help me make my first $1,000 with my first online course and I still use it now, over 2 years later.

 It's so easy to use that you could get your first course set up and ready to sell in a day.

 Check it out here if you're serious about creating online courses in your business in 2019. There's a free plan too so you can try it out with nothing to lose.