The top 5 disadvantages I’ve found from having passive income are:

 1 - There are very few truly passive income streams, most are leveraged income as you still have to do something to make the sale (usually driving the traffic to the sales pages).

 2 - A lot of people think it's too good to be true and are always looking for the catch (the catch is no.1 above 😂) so think you're talking about an MLM or some "BitcoinCryptoMonster pyramid scheme" 😑

 3 - You have to put the work in upfront in order to make the money afterwards. You can, of course, pre-sell things (which I 100% recommend you do every time), but you have to create something in order to sell it!

 4 - Because of no.3, if you're already busy trading time for money (with 1:1 clients etc) it can be difficult to find the time to create things upfront. That's why I recommend reusing what you've already got saved from previous workshops etc.

 5 - You spend a lot of time promoting the same thing but in different ways. If content creation isn't your strong point, it can be tough to keep going over the same thing from lots of different angles. Thankfully there are a few different ways to talk about the same thing, without feeling like you’re banging your head against a brick wall!

 You can:

 ✅Create a blog post,

✅Write a Fb post,

✅Post an image on Instagram,

✅Livestream in your group or on your page,

✅Tweet a link to your blog post or livestream,

✅Pin your blog post to Pinterest.