I overheard a conversation in the supermarket this morning where one old lady said to the other, "well beggars can't be choosers".

I don't know if you have that saying where you are, but I realised today that it basically means 'if you're desperate, you can't have standards'.

And I suddenly thought.... what a load of crap!

When we're desperate, whether in life in general or in business, having standards isn't negotiable.

Of course there are times when you can accept less than you usually would, but it's always your choice!

When it comes to business, if things aren't going your way, especially with sales, you don't have to just accept what you can get.

That means:

- Saying no to clients who really aren't a good fit, even if you need the money. 
- Taking time for family & friends and self care, even if you could do more work.
- Not just paying for the cheapest thing, especially when that slightly more expensive one has everything you want and will save you time and money in the long run.

Running a business has its ups and downs, its booms and busts etc etc etc but it's still your business and you always get to decide what you do and don't want to accept.