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3 Day Affiliate Marketing Challenge

If you want to get started with affiliate marketing but you're not sure what to do first, where to find and sign up for affiliate programs or how to market them, I've put together this 3 day challenge to teach you all of that!

At the end of the 3 days you'll know:

Where to find the best affiliate programs for your business,

How to promote them for free,

How to set up your own affiliate program so you can reach a wider audience.


The Passive Income Society - Facebook Group

This group is for women who are ready to reach new income levels, without hustling for every penny. You're running a successful business and you're making sales but you're working every hour under the sun to reach your income goals. 

Every month getting to your target feels like you're running for the last train of the day when really you want to be up front in first class, sipping your complimentary drink while you wait for the train to depart.

If you run your own business (product based or service based) and you're fed up of the hustle & grind, that's where passive income comes in 

➡ and by passive I DO NOT mean MLM or Bitcoin! This is NOT the group for you!

I'm talking about leveraging what you already have and creating in a different way to maximise profits while minimising hours spent working.

You're not afraid to put in the work, the time or the effort but you're stuck in a time for money plateau. You don't want to have no option but to take on more 1:1 clients, you want to work LESS but not lose the income that comes with it.

The Passive Income Society is the place for women who are ready to make an extra 5 figures or more in their business by using automation and other passive strategies.


30 Passive income Ideas

Struggling to think of ideas for passive income streams you can create in your business? I’ve put together a list of 30 ways to create passive income, some of them you might already have just waiting to be automated.