How to make $500 a month from Passive Income

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How to make $500 a month from Passive Income

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You’re fed up of working every hour possible just to get by, fed up of seeing all those other ‘more successful’ entrepreneurs out with their kids, having fun, while you’re stuck at home. You wanted to work for yourself for the freedom it brings, but instead you’re pretty much a prisoner in your own home, with your laptop as your closest friend.


I know how it feels. I used to be in exactly the same position. But now things have changed for me and I can take my daughter to the park whenever I want to and even meet up with friends a lot more often than before. I have my social life and my free time back once more.


And it’s all thanks to passive income.


Passive income is such an overlooked way of making money, and yet so easy to achieve in your business. You can create so many different things, from workbooks just like this one to online courses, and automate them all to make sales while you’re doing other things.


And the best thing about it?


It’s really not hard work to maintain and once it’s in place, you can have it out there for sale for as long as you want to.


Including passive income in my business has been such a game changer for me. I’ve gone from sitting at my laptop all day every day, to waking up to sales notifications that happened in the middle of the night!


And now that I’ve mastered passive income, I want to help you master it too.


If you want to hear those magical cha-chings all hours of the day on your phone, want to spend less time working and more time socialising while still bringing in money, then this practical guide is perfect for you.


It’s 23 pages that goes through the strategy of creating at least $500* in passive income per month, how to create content that drives traffic to your passive income streams and 5 different types of passive income:


-          Affiliate Marketing,

-          Online Courses,

-          Membership Sites,

-          Digital Downloads,

-          Ebooks


Get your copy now and the download link will be emailed to you straight away.


*Earnings are not guaranteed and results do vary based on the amount of effort you put into creating passive income, like any other kind of business activity.