Below you’ll find a list of all the resources I use on a day to day basis in my business. Some of the links may be affiliate links, but I’m only recommending them because I use them and I genuinely believe them to be great products and services.



This is what I use to make my website (where you are now!) It’s really easy to use and doesn’t need any tech skills to put together a great looking website. It also has a store feature which makes it quick and easy to set up an online store for things like digital downloads.


The platform I use to host all of my courses. It has a free plan so you can start selling your online courses without having to pay a thing, they just take a small percentage of each sale. You can also upgrade to one of their paid plans for extra features and a built in affiliate program, so you can reach a wider audience buy having others sell your course for you.


I use this for my emails. Its free up to 1,000 subscribers and has built in landing pages. The automation is also really easy to use so you can set up automated email sequences in just a few minutes.

Tailwind is a great Pinterest (and now Instagram) scheduler. It allows you to not only schedule a month’s worth of pins in a few minutes but also tells you which ones are performing well and what you can do to improve the rest. Get a free month trial when you sign up with my link.

Beautiful.AI is an online presentation creator. As the name suggests the presentations are beautiful! Plus it’s completely free to use.

Crello is an online graphic design program. It’s very similar to Canva but free to use.

Hemingway Editor is a browser based text analyser. It helps you to write better content, sales pages etc by analysing what you’ve written and the words and sentences used.

A quick and easy way to get documents signed online. Great for sending contracts to clients.