What my clients say


Lara Ledsham

Love and Empowerment Coach - www.laraledsham.com

Working with Cass really helped me show up as myself rather than writing stilted posts that would be more at home in a corporate environment. She gave me the confidence to post pre planned content as well as off the cuff messages. Cass also gave my the shove I needed to do Facebook livestreams. All in all a fabulous and really beneficial experience, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Cass.


Catherine Shefski


After only one week working with Cass, I got clarity on all fronts – my mission statement, what exactly I needed to do to start building my network, and most importantly my mindset. Every day she gave me practical goals and gentle nudges that have had a ripple effect through all my work. Thank you, Cass

Linda Swadling

I underwent a months worth of business coaching via email with Cass on commencement of my business. This was the perfect set up for me as I could email any question I could think of at any time of the day or night and come back to an answer from Cass in an extremely quick time-frame. Being on different time-zones generally causes delays with response times but I didn't find this with Cass, I think she answered me in the middle of the night at times. If you are starting out and need someone to ask any and all questions whenever you think of them then email coaching with Cass is definitely the right choice for you. I started my business with the idea of reducing my day job from full time to part time within a few months - I was able to achieve all that and more. Thanks so much Cass